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The work of Tom Chenoweth and Louise Ellis is all original designs of each artist. Each piece is fabricated by hand in their studios. We unconditionally guarantee the metal workmanship of each piece for our lifetime as long as the item has been used in a manner consistent with its intended function.


My work is formal and structural. Energy and balance are primary concerns. Every piece is a conversation of material and stems from the physical experience of manipulating metal, achieving an organic grace and intuitive expressiveness while maintaining the integrity of the man-made structural materials.

My work began over 30 years ago, earning a BFA and MFA in Sculpture. In the beginning, my work was about learning all the things I could do with the material and acquiring the technical expertise necessary to give form to my ideas. Later I began borrowing design elements from my large scale sculpture, creating practical objects for creative environments. I offer furniture, lighting and sculpture. I have work in many private and public collections. I accept custom requests.


Louise Ellis and Tom Chenoweth


The first pair of earrings were miniature mobiles. They were heavy, pretty ugly and did not move well. I grew up thinking Alexander Calder was a god. Metal as a material and the work of Calder were my early influences. The work moved and was cold joined.

My work took another direction as my interests in new techniques and/or materials developed. Gems became a part of my work as a need to explore the dimension of a secondary material. The antique button work is a result of my interest in the buttons and their history. The braided horsehair work is a result of my interest in the art of braided horsehair. What's next? Custom requests accepted.


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